Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory Services

Berkowitz Acquisitions offers professional Business Brokerage and M&A advisory services that help buyers and sellers successfully reach their goals. We are expertly skilled in analysis, planning and marketing to get the transaction completed to the satisfaction of our client

Dr. Barry Berkowitz


Dr. Barry J. Berkowitz

President of Berkowitz Acquisitions
and licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida.

Through his corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Barry gained expertise to specialize in mergers and acquisitions in the fields of Technology, Manufacturing, Education and Healthcare Businesses, both locally and nationally, as well as internationally.

Business Valuations

Regardless of the type of valuation that is needed, we will provide the proper valuation at the right price. We can provide options that include estimates of value all the way through to certified appraisal reports.

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Buying a Business

Owning a business and selling one are different experiences, requiring completely different skillsets. Having the right ADVISOR by your side is critical to maintaining leverage and maximizing value.

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Selling a Business

We specialize in buy-side advisory services. Whether you only need help in sourcing opportunities or developing a full acquisition plan, Berkowitz Acquisitions will guide you through the entire acquisition process, from search through negotiation and due diligence.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Barry's professionalism and counsel were invaluable to us. As a result, we have asked Barry to broker the sale of several other businesses we own.

Barry's ethical practices were always at the forefront of every step of our negotiations. Not only did Barry display concern for us as his client, but for everyone involved including any interested prospective buyers. At all times Barry made certain that everyone was clear as to the negotiation points.

Throughout the sale process Barry demonstrated an incredible initiative and a strong dedication to providing excellent customer service, a high level of ethics and a "can-do" attitude. From the beginning he offered excellent direction, explained the process thoroughly, and provided solid suggestions.